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We all have that moment when we spot our first strand of grey hair…while some of us take it very casually, some stress a lot about it as they consider it as a much-dreaded sign of aging. Today, the picture is quite different. While grey hair typically starts at around the age of 40, these days it can be seen in age group as less as 16 years old! The immediate response to this problem is that people dye their hair, to hide the menace of grey hair.

There was a time, when the problem of grey hair persisted only in old people. But thanks to the current environment, today we have a lot of young population struggling with the menace of untimely grey hair. Reasons? Unhealthy food habits, stress, chemically-rich hair products and environmental pollution.

Let’s understand why hair turn grey – hair follicles contain pigmentation cells called melanin, which is important in giving our hair its natural colour. The higher melanin hair follicles generate, the darker your hair colour will be. Similarly, lower the melanin content, the lighter your hair would be. With age, there is a loss in cells that contain melanin, and hence the hair greying. However, studies have shown that excessive stress, bad food habits, sinus and harmful UV rays and chemicals like hydrogen peroxide present in hair colors also play a major part in premature grey hair.

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